CCSS Math – A Wonderful Collection of Resources for Every Standard

CCSS Math is an amazing resource for teachers, and it continues to get better every day. Organized for teachers by standard with an amazing amount of resources on every page.
Jonathan Lillie has created this site as a resource for teachers. Jonathan has been teaching high school math for seven years. He gives a lot of credit to his wife for all of her support.

This site is a collection of math resources from across the internet. It includes videos, lessons, interactive practice and other resources all sorted by standard.

The great part of all of this, is that it will only get better. Teachers can suggest their own resources for each standard by leaving comments on the specific standard’s page. I can see this snowballing into an amazing collection.

Common Core Lesson PlansJonathan is also creating a place where resources can be rated to allow the best to shine through. This will be a huge time saver for teachers when they are looking for the best lessons and resources for their students.

When you get to the site, simply click on your grade or for high school, your strand. You can then click on the individual standard to get a huge list of resources. It really is quite amazing how much is already out there. I am excited to have a direct link to resources. This site has been a huge help to developing Algebra1Teachers, Geometry-Teachers, and Algebra2Teachers!

Jonathan gets support for this project from The Hall County School System in Georgia, most notably Dr. Turpin (technology), Melissa Stewart (math specialist) and Dr. Barron (Associate Superintendent for Human Resources) form central office. Also, his principal, his department head, Joe Gheesling, Bob Woodworth and North Hall High School, who give their support.

Jonathan has been working with the Georgia Department of Education, Hall County and 5 other counties, the Shell Centre (University of Nottingham, England) and Dr. Shannon from University of California Berkeley on the Mathematics Design Collaborative. This project is helping Georgia’s math teachers adjust to Common Core Standards while raising student achievement using Formative Assessment Lessons (FALs). These lessons are extremely well designed and force students to think mathematically.

I believe that the most valuable asset this country has is the minds of its people.” – Jonathan